It’s up to Scholars to find, apply to, and secure their own internship positions. As our Scholars are all over the U.S. and have a wide breadth and depth of interests, we allow them to search for their best fit internship.

Yes! If your organization is a non-profit organization or government agency.

No. Currently, only summer internships are eligible with non-profits, NGOs, or government agencies. Neither fall nor spring applications can be funded.

Scholars can only receive funding once. If you have already received funding, you may not apply again. If you have previously applied but did not receive funding, you are welcome to submit another application.

Most graduating seniors are welcome to apply. Priority is given to upperclassmen that have yet to complete an internship. Please note that this internship is meant to provide funding to Scholars to gain relevant, professional experience that will later support them in the job search. If you are a graduating senior and already have plans to attend graduate school in the fall or have already accepted a job, you are not eligible to apply.

Because the organization must be a non-profit or government and have a community impact factor, research assistantships at your college/ university are not eligible for the stipend. If you have secured a research assistantship with an external non-profit or government organization, you are welcome to apply.

No, but you must have applied.

If the internship is a degree requirement that you must complete in order to earn your bachelor’s, you are not eligible for funding through the Horatio Alger Association Internship Stipend Program. If your internship happens to offer college credit, and you’d like to receive general elective credit and apply for funding, that is a possibility. Please note this in your application.

No. Underpaid would be $1.5k or less (maybe they cover your travel or a small food stipend but nothing else).

Yes! If your university offers internship stipends, the expectation is that you apply there as well and exhaust that resource first. If you are awarded funding by your university, we will take this into consideration with the awarding of your funding amount.

We want to support our Scholars in their educational and career pursuits, including pursuing international internship opportunities. Horatio Alger will entertain applications that contain this information and will be evaluated the same as opportunities in the U.S.

While we support our Scholars in pursuing growth opportunities such as study abroad trips, we regret to inform you that the Internship Stipend Program cannot be used for this purpose. However, we encourage you to apply for a summer disbursement from your scholarship to cover the expenses of your study abroad trip, as these costs fall under your Cost of Attendance.

General information & timeline

The amount of each stipend is determined by several factors, two of the main ones being the number of hours worked (hours per week x total weeks of the internship) in combination with cost of living.

We’re excited that you’d like to apply and create a competitive application. The strongest applications we see are the ones where the internship tightly aligns to your major and career goals. When the internship program is well developed and there are clear goals you’d like to accomplish throughout the summer, that is great as well. Please make sure to also proofread your application and check for spelling and grammar.

Applications will be accepted between March 1st and April 17th and reviewed on a rolling basis. We work to give Scholars an answer within four weeks after submitting their application.

Scholars will be paid by the Association at the end of each month of their internship over the summer. Your internship supervisors will be required to certify your hours each month to the Association.