In addition to scholarship support, the Association offers a number of services and opportunities to Horatio Alger Scholars including:

  • ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: All Scholars who have graduated from college become part of the Association and are eligible for opportunities such as graduate grants and Alumni regional gatherings. Alumni Scholars also give back by providing a diverse range of supports for Scholars such as mentoring, career connections, care packages, personalized letters, and much more.


  • COLLEGE READINESS AND SCHOLAR SUPPORT TOOLS: Scholars have a personalized online Scholar’s Account, where they can access resources to help with the scholarship disbursement process and find tips to aid in navigating through college. They also have the opportunity to participate in surveys and webinars intended to assist with topics such as school or major selection, study skills, grad school application process, and more.


  • COLLEGIATE PARTNERS PROGRAM: Scholars attending Collegiate Partner schools are eligible for additional funding and support from their institutions. These partners offer Scholars on-campus support and help reduce the overall indebtedness Scholars may have upon graduation.


  • FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIP COUNSELING: Staff members work with Scholars as requested to assess their financial aid strategy now and in the future.


  • FOSTER CARE AND HOUSING NEEDS: The Association ensures that Scholars raised in foster care are supported during their winter and spring breaks.


  • INTERNSHIPS: The Association offers Scholars meaningful internship opportunities, which are supported by Horatio Alger Member companies. These internships will provide experiences and skills that will help Scholars succeed in their careers post-college.


  • MENTORING PROGRAM: The Association recently launched the Mentoring Marketplace. Scholars can search profiles of Scholar Alumni who have signed up to mentor and connect with them for short-term, situational mentoring or long-term committed mentoring.


  • PERSONAL CONTACT: Horatio Alger headquarters staff keeps in regular contact with Scholars via email, phone, letters and cards, e-newsletters, and social media.


  • SUPPORT AND REFERRAL SERVICES: The Association provides 24/7 access to a special counseling website and phone service to assist Scholars facing emotional, personal, legal, or financial obstacles.